IT Security Questionnaire Completion

Use Vendorful AI to complete IT Security Questionnaires automatically.

Whether your technology business is engaging with a prospective customer or other customers are doing an annual refresh, you are bound to receive IT Security Questionnaires. You might have pursued a SOC 2 Certification specifically to avoid them but the reality is that no certification can eliminate Security Questionnaires. Like it or not, your company's ability to win and maintain business relies on strong responses to these inquiries.

Use AI to Complete IT Security Questionnaires

Know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when an IT Security Questionnaire lands in your inbox? Vendorful's AI Assistant makes that feeling go away.

An AI Security Expert

Upload previous questionnaires, docs, and policies so your AI Assistant can learn about your protocols and processes 

Review, Don't Write

Stop spending time drafting responses. Once trained on your information, Vendorful's AI Assistant will answer security questions on your behalf.

Better Allocate Your Time

By reducing your time commitment by an order of magnitude, Vendorful's solution enables you to focus on other high-value activities.

Up and Running in Minutes

Vendorful AI Sign-Up Page
Submit a URL to the Onboarding Wizard
Complete a security questionnaire...or something a bit smaller.

Step 1.

Create your free Trial Account

Simply visit the Vendorful AI Assistant signup page to create your account for free. We'll then send you a confirmation email to make sure that you're actually the person at the email address your provided.

Step 2.

Open the Confirmation Email and Click the Link

You should receive your confirmation email moments after you submit your registration information. All you need to do is click the link in the email and you'll be authorized to access your new Vendorful account.

Step 3.

Go through the Mini-Onboarding Wizard

Now that you're logged into your account, you'll get walked through a brief process to show you, at a high level, how Vendorful works. We'll ask you to enter a URL for your company. (We recommend that you use a page that provides a good description of your offering an value proposition.) The information on that page will be used to answer some questions about your company. If your AI Assistant doesn't have enough information to answer all the questions, you'll be prompted to add an additional URL.

Step 4.

Load in Some Good Content

If your focus is IT Security Questionnaires, your best content will come from previous questionnaires and policy documents,. If you maintain a master list of question-answer pairs, then load it in. If, instead, you simply have a number of completed questionnaires, load them in. The same goes for documents governing privacy, InfoSec, disaster recovery, and the like.

Step 5.


With your content loaded, your AI Assistant can now complete IT Security Questionnaires that you upload. You might also find it helpful in other contexts, like providing your sales team with real-time, on-demand answers to questions from prospects. (Contact us to learn about how you can talk to your AI Assistant via Slack or MS Team.)



100% Easy Onboarding Guarantee

Vendorful was designed with giving you, the user, the easiest possible experience. So walking through the onboarding should be easy-peasy. However, we don't get it right all the time so we're here to help. If you find any part of the onboarding confusing or cumbersome, please reach out so we can get your AI Assistant ready to complete IT Security Questionnaires on your behalf!

This AI-first approach really gets to where the value is. I could do away with 80% of the project management features when your product basically answers all the questions..

David O. Solutions Engineer