RFP Solution - Respond in minutes, not days.

RFPs are currently the best answer to a challenging problem: how do buyers assess vendor offerings for complex purchases? On the sales side, RFPs, or RFX more generally, are often viewed as overly labor intensive and time consuming. However, a business's ability to close more deals often depends on the quality of its RFP responses.

Complex requirements? Use AI to respond to RFPs.

No more mixed feelings about RFPs when you leverage Vendorful's AI Assistant as your RFP solution! Every RFP is pure upside, a great opportunity to win new business.

Instant Knowledge base

Train your AI Assistant using previous RFX, marketing collateral, white papers and more.

Win the Business

Nail your proposals by leveraging the collective wisdom of your colleagues, channeled through an AI Assistant.

Recover Time

Stop fighting with RFPs and spend your time engaging with customers and connecting with prospects.

Onboarding Made Super Easy

Vendorful AI Sign-Up Page
Submit a URL to the Onboarding Wizard
Respond to rfps?...or maybe something a bit smaller for starters.

Step 1.

Create your free Trial Account

The Vendorful AI Assistant signup page is the first place you'll need to visit in order to start your free trial. Once you've submitted your email (or connected via your Google or Microsoft account), we'll send you a confirmation email. This way we know that it was indeed you who signed up!

Step 2.

Open the Confirmation Email and Click the Link

Now you're ready to show that you....are you. Your confirmation email should arrive under a minute after you submit your registration information. From here, just click the link in the email and you'll be authorized to use your new Vendorful account.

Step 3.

Go through the Mini-Onboarding Wizard

That way easy, wasn't it? Now you're ready to start seeing how Vendorful works. Our mini-wizard will prompt you to enter a URL for your company. (We recommend that you use a page that provides a good description of your offering an value proposition.) The information on that page will be used to answer some questions about your company. If your AI Assistant doesn't have enough information to answer all the questions, you'll be prompted to add an additional URL. Bear in mind, that we're not expecting enough information to respond to RFPs yet. That will come in the next step.

Step 4.

Load in Some Good Content

If your focus is RFPs your best content will come from previous questionnaires and policy documents,. Many companies maintain spreadsheets with a giant list of question-answer pairs that are updated every time someone at the company responds to an RFP. If you have a document like that, we encourage you to upload it. Similarly, if you have a number of completed RFP questionnaires -- and if you're reading this, you should --, load them in. The same goes for any documents that describe your product or services, relevant policies, etc.

Step 5.


Congratulations! You now have enough content in your Content Library to have your AI Assistant start to respond to RFPs. All of this information, coupled with your Assistant's ability to recall and synthesize it, can come in handy in other contexts as well. In fact, Vendorful customers are already providing their sales teams with real-time, on-demand answers to questions from prospects. (Contact us to learn about how our RFP solution lets you talk to your AI Assistant via Slack or MS Team.)


Let Us Take on the Risk


We built Vendorful's RFP solution with you in mind, so onboarding should be a walk in the park (well, maybe a digital park). But hey, if you stumble on a root, just holler! We're here to make sure your AI Assistant becomes your company's in-house RFP response ninja, so you can relax and enjoy the ride. Even if you breezed through the onboarding and just want to talk, we're here for you. Just click below.

Get started!

You want a few sentences? How about one? Abso-!&$*-lutely transformational! I never thought I'd be excited to work on an RFP.

Craig K. Sales VP