How good could your proposals be if the "busy work" was done for you?

The Vendorful AI Assistant allows you to be 10x more productive, allowing you to focus on the key refinements required for winning proposals. 

Get off the copy-and-paste train and let your AI Assistant tackle that.

It's like legal steroids, but for proposals!

Vendorful's AI Assistant turns proposal managers in superstars.

  • Automatically extract key information from RFPs and questionnaires
  • Leverage automatic synthesis as brand new answers are generated based on your data
  • Generate personalized responses that are tailored to the specific requirements of each RFP or questionnaire
  • Spend your time on the highest-value proposal activities
AI: Automated and Accessible

Collaborate with your newest co-worker: an AI assistant.

  • Automate up to 90% of the tasks involved in proposal management
  • Get maximal leverage from SMEs with minimal effort
  • Pull in reviewers on demand to get additional eyeballs on your proposals

Generative AI for increased efficiency and accuracy

Go Faster

In a Q&A-style RFP, the Vendorful AI Assistant can draft a response in minutes. Proposal managers can then focus on editing, making key improvements, and nailing the personalization. The result is a seeming contradiction—better proposals in much less time.

Improve Accuracy

The Vendorful AI Assistant helps to improve the accuracy of RFP responses by using approved content from subject matter experts. This reduces the risk of errors and omissions, and gives proposal managers greater confidence in the proposals they send, helping the company to win more deals and build stronger customer relationships.

Nail Personalization

With the AI Assistant automating the tedious task of answering questionnaires, proposal managers are freed up to focus on elevating the quality of their proposals through personalization. This can be done by highlighting the customer's specific needs and pain points, demonstrating how their company's solution is uniquely suited to meet those needs, and using strong storytelling and case studies to illustrate their company's expertise and success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the AI Assistant work?

In order to generate accurate answers, you need to "train" your AI Assistant. You do this by uploading and annotating content that you already have. This could include previously-completed security questionnaires, disaster and recovery documents, data privacy documentation, and other relevant information pertaining to your organization's security posture. Vendorful categorizes and stores this information and draws on it while also leveraging an LLM (Large Language Model) to draft the text. The drafted text can be reviewed and edited by you and we'll also show you related content which you can incorporate piecemeal into your answer or use in its entirety if you think it's the best match.

Is my content safe?

We understand that the content you upload to Vendorful may well include proprietary information about your organization. Data security is something that we take very seriously. All of your content is encrypted both in transit (during upload/download) and at rest (while stored on our cloud infrastructure). Furthermore, we never upload your documents to 3rd-party large language models, where they could be incorporated into the language model.

What document formats are supported?

Vendorful supports all common business format: Excel, Word, and PDF, as well as variants like RTF, CSV, and TXT documents. Files in any of these formats can be uploaded into your content library. In terms of completing a security questionnaire, we currently have native support for Excel and related spreadsheet formats. Support for non-spreadsheet documents will be available in the coming weeks.

Can I try before I buy?

100%. Not only that, if your needs are modest, you can simply enjoy using our free tier. If you find yourself fighting with security questionnaires more frequently, then one of our paid plans may be a better fit. But you get to direct the sales interaction. Do you simply want to create an account and play around with it? Go for it! Is your preferred approach video walkthroughs? We can take care of you. Perhaps you'd like to talk to someone, walk through a demo, and have all your questions answered. Let us know and we'll get something on the calendar!

Will this work with other types of questionnaires?

Absolutely. Organizations use Vendorful's AI Assistant to respond to RFPs and RFIs, Security Questionnaires, Due Diligence Questionnaires, and more. As a rule of them, if there is a business-to-business style questionnaire, Vendorful can typically handle it.