RFP Responses

Answer complex RFPs in minutes, not days.

RFPs are currently the best answer to a challenging problem: how do buyers assess vendor offerings for complex purchases? On the sales side, RFPs, or RFX more generally, are often viewed as overly labor intensive and time consuming. However, a business's ability to close more deals often depends on the quality of its RFP responses.

Supercharge Your RFP Responses

There are no more mixed feelings about RFPs when you leverage Vendorful's AI Assistant. Every RFP is a upside only, a great opportunity to win new business.

Instant Knowledge base

Train your AI Assistant using previous RFX, marketing collateral, white papers and more.

Win the Business

Nail your proposals by leveraging the collective wisdom of your colleagues, channeled through an AI Assistant.

Recover Time

Stop fighting with RFPs and spend your time engaging with customers and connecting with prospects.

Are you kidding me? This is the alpha product??? I would absolutely pay for this already. It's going to be mind-blowing when you release it.

Craig K. Sales VP