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(we promised not to have marketing BS!)

The Vendorful AI Assistant is a disruptive sales enablement application for organizations of all sizes that want to accelerate revenue and reduce "busy work"

The Truth: Our product is evolving quickly and our positioning is struggling to keep up. We thought we were building an RFP response tool for SMEs. What we're seeing are use cases well beyond RFPs and adoption from companies of all sizes.

Note: We don't want to make things more confusing for you! If you're going through the site and find contradictory or unclear positioning but are intrigued by our offering, let's talk.

Main Benefits

Along with our positioning, this is a constantly-evolving story as both product capabilities and uses cases grown.

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Increase sales opportunities

Business questionnaires are expensive in terms of time, opportunity cost, and even emotional burden. There are many reasons not to participate, but declining an opportunity has its own cost. With Vendorful, you can compete in every opportunity.

Speed time to revenue

A deal delayed is potentially a deal lost. Equip your sales team with an omni-present, on-demand subject matter expert. Response to complex prospect inquiries in seconds.

Instant onboarding

Easily add documents and web-based content to your library. Import question-answer pairs from other RFP Response tools and be ready to answer questions in minutes.

Competitively priced

The Vendorful AI Assistant costs substantially less than incumbent solutions. Our AI-first approach reduces the complexity and cost of our offering.


Young Product

While the product is strong and getting more feature rich every week, it's still in its early stages. Some companies are exciting to help us build our roadmap. You might want a product that's a bit more seasoned.

It Doesn't "Feel" Like Enterprise Software

We have a strong emphasis on simplicity. Do we want to add more features? 100% Provided they are broadly useful. Our efforts to fight feature bloat result in an atypical product experience.

Don't You Do Procurement Stuff?

Vendorful has been delivering software to procurement departments since 2018. We've learned a lot about procurement, which helps guide us in providing value to the vendor side.

Vendorful is Different than Incumbent Solutions

Better? Worse? It depends on your needs. Here's a high level breakdown of high Vendorful stacks up against established solutions like Loopio and Response (formerly RFPio).

Focus Area


Loopio and Responsive


Simply upload and annotate your content and you're ready to roll. Time to value in hours.

Clients tell us that this is multi-step process that can span weeks or even months.

Data Security

Enterprise-class security with data encryption in transit and at rest. SSO support.

Enterprise-class security with data encryption in transit and at rest. SSO support.

AI Approach

An AI-first application designed to generate responses in minutes.

Some AI support added to the core application.

Project Management

Support for collaboration among multiple users but no true project management due to AI-first design.

Rich support for long-running projects that involve multiple deadlines and many stakeholders.

Track Record

Deep experience with RFPs et al. via a procurement product that has > 10,000 vendors, but new to the "sales enablement" space.

Well-established companies in the sales-enablement space with numerous enterprise logos.


An AI-first approach means less product complexity, which reduces costs. Affordable for SMBs and appreciably more cost effective for enterprises.

Enterprise pricing with some options for mid-market companies.