September 6, 2023 4:07 pm

Peter Bonney

Loopio is the one of the leaders in the RFP response automation category. RFP response automation is a narrow niche, but if you've ever responded to an RFP you know what a critical pain point it is.

Loopio and its top competitors allow users to import RFPs, analyze the questions using AI, suggest answers, and facilitate collaboration. But there are also critical features that differentiate the solutions in this space. Not to mention major price differences!

In this blog post, we will compare of Loopio compares with Vendorful. For a comparison to all of its competitors click here.

Loopio - Vendorful Comparison

Vendorful AI


AI-Enabled Content Library

Auto-Suggest Answers from Content Library

Auto-Create New Answers with AI

Fully Automated Response Drafts

In-App Collaboration

Free Trial

"Forever Free" Option

Measured Time Savings






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What is Loopio?

Loopio, a recognized contender in the RFP response and proposal management software sector, comes with its own set of unique features and challenges.

Loopio Content Library

Loopio's content library serves as a central repository for storing previous responses and company knowledge. This feature aids in structuring and managing data, providing a resource for future proposal responses. However, the effectiveness of this function heavily depends on the quality and detail of the stored content, making ongoing library maintenance and updates essential for its utility.

Loopio Auto-Suggested Answers

A notable feature of Loopio is its auto-suggest function that pulls from the content library to propose responses to new queries. This has the potential to save significant time and foster consistency across responses. However, the relevance and accuracy of suggested answers largely hinge on the user's stored content. Therefore, a robust and diverse library is crucial for this feature to be truly beneficial.

Loopio AI Auto-Generated Answers

Loopio does not currently provide a feature that auto-creates new answers with AI, though a May 2023 blog post suggests that they are working on this functionality.

Loopio Fully Automated Response Drafting

When it comes to fully automated response drafting, Loopio offers a practical solution. By leveraging the content library and past responses, Loopio can create a complete response with minimal user input, provided the questionnaire lines up very closely with past questions in the content library. And of course the quality and relevance of stored content can significantly influence the effectiveness of the drafted response. An analysis from Forrester estimated the cost of maintaining Loopio's content library at roughly 2.3x Loopio's actual fees over a 3 year period ($794,300 internal costs vs. $346,700 paid to Loopio).

Loopio In-App Collaboration

Loopio’s in-app collaboration feature is designed to enhance team communication and collaboration, keeping all discussions and inputs within the same platform. However, certain competitors offer more sophisticated collaboration tools that integrate project management capabilities, potentially offering more comprehensive team management solutions.

Loopio Pricing

Loopio pricing starts at $450 per user per month, according to Capterra.

Loopio Free Trial

Loopio does not offer a free trial.

Loopio Forever Free Tier

Loopio does not have a forever free tier.

Loopio Summary

Loopio offers several commendable features aimed at streamlining the RFP response process. Prospective users should evaluate these strengths in light of their unique business needs, and how they measure against Loopio's potential drawbacks to make an informed decision.

vendorful logo

What is Vendorful AI?

Vendorful AI is a new player in the Request for Proposal (RFP) response and proposal management software industry, bringing a fresh and disruptive approach to the table. Its goal is to merge best-in-class AI with affordable and transparent pricing - including a forever free tier - to make RFP responses simple and fun for organizations of any size.

Vendorful AI Content Library

Vendorful AI provides a content library that supports content of any type:

  • Prior responses to RFPs, RFIs, DDQs, etc.
  • Website content
  • Support documentation
  • Sales & marketing collateral
  • InfoSec data

Knowledgebase management is simple and intuitive and the library does not require a dedicated team to maintain.

Vendorful Auto-Suggested Answers

For situations where precise wording matters, the Vendorful AI RFP Assistant automatically suggests the most likely answers for any question, and will warn you if it thinks none of them are good matches. If you have no interest in synthesizing data into new answers for new questions, then this could be all you need. However...

Vendorful AI Auto-Generated Answers

In our view, the biggest value you will get from using the Vendorful AI RFP Assistant will come from its ability to combine multiple data sources from your content library into cohesive answers to previously unseen questions. And the more you use it, the better it gets.

The power of generative AI is where you will see the biggest time savings on RFP responses. Because the RFP Assistant is never overworked or distracted or juggling competing responsibilities, our pre-release users have seen time savings of 90% while also producing subjectively better responses. What more can you ask for?

Vendorful AI Fully Automated Response Drafting

The RFP Assistant makes it dead simple to automate RFP response drafts. It even offers a "zero click" option - just upload the RFP questions and it automatically starts filling them in! If you just want help with writer's block on a couple of answers, you can go question-by-question instead. Or you can do something in between. You have full control over the process.

Vendorful AI In-App Collaboration

Invite additional team members with a single click. All team members have access to your in-progress responses and can seamlessly work alongside you - presales, sales, SMEs, executives, legal, etc. 

Vendorful AI Pricing

The Vendorful AI RFP Assistant is in free Beta!

Vendorful AI Free Trial

Did I not mention "Free"?

Vendorful AI Forever Free Tier

Seriously, try the Beta for free.

Vendorful AI Summary

After years of providing a world-class RFP issuance platform to buyers, Vendorful is bringing its expertise to the other side of the table and showing vendors some love. Vendorful AI incorporates the latest advances in artificial intelligence into its very foundation, with a mission of providing outrageous value to sales teams of any size.

About the Author

Peter Bonney is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Vendorful. He was previously a partner at QVT Financial LP, a multi-billion dollar asset manager based in New York, where he worked on a variety of investment strategies and internal projects. Prior to joining QVT in 2002, Peter worked for Oliver, Wyman & Company and its venture In his free time he is a speaker and published author on data science in baseball, an avid home gardener and a budding orchardist. He holds a degree in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University. Peter lives in New York City.

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