Win RFPs with an AI Assistant

Deliver more revenue with less work.

Relax and put your feet up as your AI RFP Assistant answers RFPs, RFIs, and Security Questionnaires in minutes.

Relaxed Worker while an AI is completing an RFP

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10x Faster with 1/10 of the Work

Answer business questionnaires in minutes, not hours.

  • One-step onboarding: Upload data and you're ready to rock.
  • Flexible answers: Use generated, previous, or custom answers.
  • Powerful export: Export to Excel while preserving the formatting of the source spreadsheet.
  • Contextual smarts: Your AI RFP Assistant understands the semantic meaning of questions and synthesizes answers based on your previous responses, white papers, product documents, and more.

Check out our "No BS marketing page" to see how Vendorful stacks up....

Key Benefits


Leveraging the AI Assistant speeds up completion time by 10x, enabling you to compete to win more deals.


Automatically access the latest and most relevant information to maximize your chances of winning your bids.


Leverage in-house domain expertise without having to repeatedly go back to the source. Subject matter experts can focus on their core responsibilities.


Stop dreading the workload that has always come with a questionnaire. With Vendorful, you can win more business AND save time.

A stressed out account executive

Overworked Account Executives

Sales people who are juggling multiple opportunities no longer need to worry about the time involved in participating in a low-probability RFP or the potential cost of declining to participate. Now, every RFP can be a low-risk, low-cost opportunity to win business.

Man from RFP Response Team sleeping on laptop.

Overwhelmed IT Experts

IT staffers just want to do their job, but don't always realize that their job involves running point on IT Security Questionnaires. With Vendorful, their knowledge lives in a content library and is leveraged by an RFP AI Assistant who can instantly answer those questionnaires on their behalf.

Stressed out Founder

Stressed-out Founders

Startup founders — we've felt your pain. When you are the Account Executive and the Head of IT and a one-person RFP team, opportunities to win business can't be dismissed. Responding to questionnaires is a "must do," but where are you going to find the time? Vendorful's RFP AI Assistant is the team you need at a price you can afford.

By the Numbers

83 hours

Save Time

The average person-hours required to answer a 200 question RFP.

Source: data from Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP)


Get More Done

Average reduction in time spent developing questionnaire responses among users of Vendorful.

Source: Vendorful user survey


Win Deals

Percentage of sales professionals believe that RFP response automation is a critical tool for winning deals.

Source: Gartner Survey

simple and easy.

Upload content. Upload RFP. Generate response. Done.


How much does this cost?

See our pricing page for details.

Is my data safe?

All data that you share with us will be encrypted in transit and at rest. Furthermore, all organization accounts are separated from each other, i.e., a user that is part of one organization will have no access to the data of a user that is part of another organization. You can read more about our approach to data security.

What does onboarding entail?

It's not just questionnaires that we want to streamline; it's everything! And this includes onboarding. All you need to do is upload reference content like previous questionnaires, white papers, case studies, etc. Once you've done that, you're ready to rock and roll. To see the details of how to get onboarded, you can take a look at this one-page onboarding document.

Simple and Easy.

Feel that stress melt away....

Register below for free! (And if you've got Internet access, you can use Vendorful from the beach!)